GBI Europe 2018_Sweden to Humburg, Germany by Bike_705km-3950m

 Another year and here we go again,

I arrived in Gothenburg 3 days before the event started, this is highly recommended for all cyclists because once the event starts, we keep rolling to the other directions. I loved Sweden from the point of entry to the exist. I enjoyed the sightseeing by Boat, by bus and by feet not forgetting the Swedish dishes. If Sweden is all as beautiful as the parts of it where I have been, then it is a paradise on earth. 

On the 3rd day, everyone had arrived, and it was exciting to meet all my friends I had met last year.  


After the official tour start, we cycled through the city of Gothenburg. We passed Haga, the oldest part of Gothenburg with many lovely cafés and we cycled through Slottsskogen, the largest park in Gothenburg. As soon as we left the city the Kattegattleden cycling route was our guide for the next three days while we traveled through southern Sweden. This cycling route has a perfect infrastructure and typically we cycled apart from the streets on particular cycle tracks.
After a short while we started seeing the ocean for the first time, but from then on it was our permanent companion, offering many beautiful views of the sea.
At km 40 we reached Kungsbacka, the first larger city on our stage and not far away the nutrition point is waiting with refreshments close to a beautiful lake.
The cozy village of Åsa, located at the coast, was great for a last stop before we headed toward our destination of the day in Varbert. 

DAY 2: VARBERG (S) – HALMSTAD (S) _ 98km

The stage started with a small sightseeing tour around Varbergs Fästning at the sea side and with a great view of the impressive site. We cycled on the beach promenade toward Apelviken, which has a popular beach, especially for wind surfers. The fisherman\’s village of Träslövsläge with its rustic wooden houses and the picturesque fishing harbour offers perfect swedish idyll. 

Always close to the coast we cycled to Falkenberg, the next large city on our route. We were guided through the old town of Gamla Stan and crossed the river on the famous stone bridge Tullbron. In Skrea there is a very nice sandy beach with restaurants, offering a plunge into the sea. 

A short distance later had a spectacular panoraman view from the Smörkullen, a 52 m hill beneath the street. Several nice cafés and restaurants on our way shortened the distance to Halmstad, our final stop. 

DAY 3: HALMSTAD (S) – HELSINGOR (DK) _ 109 + Ferry

We left Halmstad to the south and again following the well-known Kattegattleden cycling route, again with many coastal sections. At km 26 we reached Mellbystrand with the longest sandy beach of Sweden and a good infrastructure. 

Behind Båstad  there was the only considerable hill, the top of the tour. We had to climb incredible 156 m to the top, but as a reward the nutrition point was not far away. I was dead already. 

In Ängelholm there was a last beach stop option, and then we headed towards Helsingborg. From a distance the famous landmark of the city, the tower of Kärnan, was visible. We cycled through the city and to the ferry harbour, where we boarded onto the ferry to Denmark. 

A short while later we debarked in Helsingør, and from here it was only short way to our camp at the harbour. A must-see is castle Kronborg, well-known as the Hamlet castle of Shakespeare.

DAY 4: HELSINGØR (DK) – KØGE (DK) _ 90km

From Helsingør we cycled almost 40 km very close to the Öresund strait. Later we reached Copenhagen, the Danish capital, well known for its perfect cycling infrastructure. On our way through the city there were many places of interest. One of the most famous monuments is the little mermaid (Lille Havfrue), the town\’s landmark. Due to the touristic crowds here, we walked the bike. We passed several interesting buildings like the Kastellet, castle Amalienborg and castle Christiansborg. we took our time in Copenhagen and just strolled through the streets,later satt in a small café and enjoyed the atmosphere. The distance to destination in Køge was only 40 more kilometers. we cycled close to the Køge bay with some picturesque fishing harbours.

 DAY 5: KØGE (DK) – MARIBO (DK) _ 109km

Today we will see the beauty of the Danish islands. At the days start we cross the island of Sjælland. Only the first couple of kilometers we have to follow a main road, later we will travel on minor roads and could enjoy the idyllic scenery. Track 2 makes a detour to Ringsted and Næstved and unites at the nutrition point with track 1.
Behind Vordingborg we cross a bridge to the small island of Masnedø and later we cross another (longer) bridge to the island of Falster. Always having the typical island landscape around us, we cycle to the island of Lolland. In the middle of the island, located at a beautiful lake, the city of Maribo is our destination of the day.

DAY 6: MARIBO (DK) – LÜBECK (D) _ 126km + ferry

Due to the ferry travel and the long stage distance it iwas advised to start early. We cycled on direct way to the ferry harbour Rødbyhavn, where we embarked to the ferry to Fehmarn. After a 45 minutes ferry trip we debarked in Puttgarden in Germany. We crossed the island of Fehmarn with its nice village of Burg and crossed the Fehmarnsund bridge. The nutrition point was located in Oldenburg in Holstein. Via Neustadt and Bad Schwartau we reached Lübeck and the GBI camp after a long day in the saddle.

 DAY 7: LÜBECK (D) – HAMBURG (D) – 72km

At the last day we did some sightseeing first. We cycled through the Burgtor into the inner city of Lübeck. We passed several points of interest, most well known the famous Holstentor. After leaving Lübeck, we cycled on minor roads through the countryside and reached Ahrensburg and later finished up at the Museumsdorf Volksdorf, where we gathered for the final group cycling.
Together will all GBI cyclists we started for the short 15 kilometer group cycling to the tour finish in the north of Hamburg. The traditional welcoming party with donation cheque handover and announcement of the GBI Europe 2019 track indicated the official closing of this years\’ GBI Europe tour.