Best Quality Products


TESIRE COLLECTION (T.C) is a program under *TESIRE ORG which recognizes the talent and hard work of individuals in society. Many times, individuals spend long hours and days producing amazing stuff which most people don’t recognize the effort put into making these products. Therefore T.C buys these amazing products at a higher than their actual price as a way of recognizing their hard efforts and supporting them. T.C sells these products to its cherished well-wishers who have been very supportive, generous, and kind and have contributed massively over the past years. We set a minimum you can pay for each product in a form of participation in support of the needy / less privileged who can’t work (either too young or too old, poor, or people with special needs). Therefore, a maximum price you can pay per product will depend on your heart, funds made out of the sales of these products are then directed to supporting the above-mentioned individuals in their communities. TESIRE COLLECTION acknowledges and appreciates and says a BIG THANK YOU to its amazing well-wishers for their impeccable contribution in changing the world and making it a better place for the less privileged.

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