unemployed and single mother of 3

the story of mag.a – Ghanaian

My name is Mag.A, I am from the northern part of Ghana, West Africa. Currently, I live in Accra Ghana. I am a mother of 3 children and the father of my kids left us when life become hard.

I am currently unemployed; my kids are currently home because I cannot afford to pay their school fees. I have tried my possible best to find a job but in vain. I am willing to work but I can’t get a job. I am struggling to feed my kids, rent and pay their school fees and I do not know the whereabout of my kids’ father.

I am calling for temporary assistance to care for me and my kids and a long-term employment. I am willing to work, and I am a hardworking, honest, dedicated and loyal worker. I am a degree holder in the field of administration (Human Resource Management) second class.

I reached out to Tesire and permitted her to share my story. Unfortunately, I have a broken phone and I was unable to share a picture of us (it will be sent as soon as I get my phone fixed).

Thank you so much in advance and God bless you all.

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