Traveling with a pet from Ghana to Germany 2022_step by step

The idea of traveling with my dog was so exciting until it become a nightmare. I spent 6 months searching for information(reading online, watching videos on YouTube, and asking questions in one for the trusted group in Ghana by the name Ghana Intl Expats), and I come close to leaving my best friend again. I had always left my dog behind for a maximum of 30 days but my heart was always kind of left behind.

In this post, I am going straight to the points on what you should know and must do. If you want to know how I learned in a hard way, kindly follow my page Tesire on FB. 

Traveling with a pet from Ghana to Germany 2022_step by step.
  •  You will have to send your dog’s blood sample to Germany. To send blood sample, you will have to visit a qualified vet and they will examine your dog and send the blood sample on your behalf. What they need from you is your dog’s book, your address in Ghana and in Germany, and GHs 900.  PLEASE NOTE, YOU MUST SEND THIS SAMPLE AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE YOUR TRIP.  For Blood sample please visit La Veterinary Clinic (easy to find on google map)
  • You will receive an invoice from Vets in Germany by email. You will have to pay about 49,50 Euros and few days later you will receive a certificate. if your dog is approved then you can go ahead and apply for the travel permit.
  • A permit costs GHS 400 and can be issued in 24hours but be aware, it expires in 10 days so make sure you get it when you are ready to travel. For permits please visit Shalom Dog Care or call +233 50 437 3034. Located near La Vet or You can pay GHs600 to La Vet and they will get the permit for you.
  •  If you your dog is between 16Kg and 75kg together with his cage, he will automatically qualify to fly in KLM cargo hold and you will pay 400 Euros one way.
  • If your dog is 6 months and …….. but not more that 8 kilos in his bag, the dog will qualify to fly in cabin and must fit under the seat in front of you. Yeah that seat you have in mind that you could buy and have your dog comfortable in a bigger soft bag is not meant for dogs. it is for people with special needs and people traveling with babies. In the cases where the required measurements of the bag or the Kilos will not meet your needs, try and visit the main KLM office.  for example they say, we can not take little dogs below 16kgs in cargo hold , again we can not take a dog below such measurements in cabin , then you wonder … some Maltese are beyond their measurements for the cabin yet below the kilos for the cargo hold. Don’t loose hope, Visit the Office they will help you pick the right bag for your best friend. The bag must be soft , not the crate. 
  • before you check in , kindly visit the vet at the airport. He will examine the dog and give final approval to fly. It will cost you GHs 100. Accra is hot, if you arrive close to check in time, your dog may fail the test as his heart will be pumping to fast. due to the stress through the traffic.
  • remember, you must inform the ticketing office about your pet before you buy the ticket, once your pet is approved, your tickets will be combined. it costs between 70 to 100 euros. 
  • while checking in, you should not expect that the person handling you knows what is right or wrong, you should assist him or her with what you know to be right. otherwise you may be allowed to check in and even get a boarding pass but you will be refuse to board. Lack of information, someone may tell you that something is not allowed yet it is.
  • after checking in , through the custom , do not allow your dog to be scanned like a luggage. when you are done, you will meet the other dog check up his permit so make sure you did not leave his permit at the check in point. (they take it for making its copies and they may forget to give it back to you)
  • In plane, your dog will be terrified but do not take out of the bag, it is not allowed.

When we arrived in Amsterdam and Berlin , the love and warm welcome worked as therapy. It is allowed to walk your dog on a leash at these two airports.

Help us help others, please if you have additional information, kindly share in the comment session. 

Why did I shave my dog knowing that he was heading to experience winter for the first time?

why did I miss my flights 2 twice?

who made everything right when hope was gone?

How many bags did I have to buy to find the right one, what did the other airlines say in my case?

I have not yet written the story of my straggles but follow me via my page and you will be notified when it is posted. 



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